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Online Driver Training

Online training can be completed at our online training partner DT Driver Training.

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Get or renew your operator’s (OSH) certificate or do an F endorsement.
Get or renew your D endorsement.
Learn how to rig and operate a truck loader crane in various scenarios. Do the theory online, then follow our detailed practical checklist to obtain your truck crane certificate at your workplace using your own equipment.
Refresh your logbooks and worktime knowledge, and learn how to do a comprehensive pre-trip inspection.
Refresh your knowledge of the Road Code, find out about driver health and safety, improve your low-speed manoeuvring skills and learn how to deal with difficult driving conditions such as snow, ice, floods and high winds.
Check you can pass the theory test for car, motorbike and heavy vehicle (class 2 and 5) learner licences.
If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for,
we’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs.