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Assessments, Coaching & Training

Our in cab programme is ideal for companies who want to assess drivers before employing them or to support operators ‘on the job’ with instruction, coaching and training in real life conditions.

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED NZ) Programme
A practical and theory-based course designed to provide truck, bus and coach drivers with the latest knowledge and skills to enhance their driving performance and improve safety.
Heavy Vehicle Stability & Control Driver Training Programme
A practical and theory-based course designed to provide drivers with advanced skills, knowledge and awareness of the dynamics associated with heavy vehicles during cornering, braking, emergency steering manoeuvres, and in the event of a jack knife.
Heavy Vehicle In-House Trainer Programme
This course is designed to produce specialist heavy vehicle driver trainers who are capable of training and assessing company drivers in-house.
Load Restraint - Load & Unload a Goods Service Vehicle
A practical and theory-based course designed to provide drivers, operators or handlers the skills and knowledge to safely and legally deal with loads on goods service vehicles.
Towing a Light Trailer
This course has been designed to enhance a driver’s understanding of loading and towing practices when towing a light trailer.
TR MasterDrive Evaluation - Heavy
Heavy Vehicle Evaulation
Advanced Driving Assessment - Light Vehicles Evaluation Only
The Advanced Driver Assessment is designed to establish a person’s level of competency so that individual training needs can be identified and addressed. It is particularly useful at the pre-employment stage or for assessing existing employees.
Driver Proficiency Evaluation - Light Vehicle Coaching / Evaluation
TR Master Drive Services has developed this programme specifically to improve the driving skills of drivers who use corporate and fleet vehicles, thereby improving safety and reducing costs.
Low Speed Manoeuvring Programme
This programme is designed to reduce the number of single vehicle, low speed accidents thereby cutting repair costs and minimising vehicle downtime.
If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for,
we’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs.