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Theory Programmes:
Driver Refresher Programme


Why do a Driver Refresher Programme with TR Master Drive Services?

  • This course is designed to refresh and improve the knowledge of drivers in relation to their work and non-work related day-to-day driving to improve knowledge of road rules and increase safety.

  • You will be professionally trained by qualified and experienced instructors.

  • Train at one of our nationwide facilities or your own venue.
Driver Refresher Programme

Course Aim

  • To refresh the knowledge of drivers.
  • To increase understanding of current road rules.
  • To ensure that participants take away essential up-to-date information relating to driver safety.

Course Structure

The Driver Refresher Programme is a two-hour classroom based session with two components: 

  • The first is a road code test followed by a discussion of road rules.
  • The second component deals with a topical driving issue. Examples are “Fatigue” or “Hazard Identification and Search Techniques”.  Specific driving issues may be nominated by the client to meet identified training requirements.
  • The programme is “short and sharp”. People are encouraged to interact with each other and with the instructor.

Course Duration

The Driver Refresher Programme is a two-hour classroom based session.

Course Numbers

The Driver Refresher Programme is designed for groups of up to 20 people.

Course Venue

We can complete training at your own site or at one of our nationwide training facilities (depending on numbers).

Course Fees

  • Subject to course numbers – please contact us for a quotation.


We’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs. We can also run a private course at your premises (Minimum of 6 people).