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Practical Training Programmes:
Advanced Driving Assessment


Why do an Advanced Driving Assessment with TR Master Drive Services?

  • The Advanced Driver Assessment is designed to establish a person’s level of competency so that individual training needs can be identified and addressed. It is particularly useful at the pre-employment stage or for assessing existing employees.

  • A vehicle used for work is considered to be a Workplace - this programme assists employers in meeting their Workplace Safety obligations.

  • You will be professionally assessed by qualified and experienced instructors.

  • Completed at one of our nationwide facilities or your own venue.

Note: No coaching provided

Advanced Driving Assessment Course

Course Aim

  • To establish a person’s level of competency so that individual training needs can be identified and addressed.
  • The course focuses on driving skills, errors and weaknesses, including:
    • Hazard Identification
    • Regulation Compliance
    • Driving Judgement
    • Decision Marking
    • Vehicle Control
    • and is particularly useful for pre-employment assessment or for assessing existing employees.

Course Structure

The assessment is a practical examination, carried out either on a set route or during the normal work routine of the driver, covering seven driving manoeuvres:

  • Moving in.
  • Moving out.
  • Moving with.
  • Moving on.
  • Moving through.
  • Moving past.
  • moving back.

At the end of the drive, a full debrief is provided for the driver. A written report can also be provided. Recommendations will be made relating to areas where some action may be required to improve driving performance. 

It is important that the follow up work is completed reasonably soon after the assessments have been completed. This ensures that the driver can correct any potential risk actions identified.

It is an assessment of:

  • Hazard identification.
  • Regulation compliance.
  • Driving judgement.
  • Decision making.
  • Vehicle control.

Course Duration

The assessment takes a minimum 40 minutes practical.

Unit Standards

The programme can be delivered to Unit Standard level with assessments conducted against Unit Standard 3466 – “Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving” – an additional fee will apply.

Unit standard courses include a theory session of approximately 1-2 hours covering assessment situations.

Course Fees

  • Please contact us for more information including course fees.


We’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs. We can also run a private course at your premises (Minimum of 6 people).