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Quad Training Programme


Why do a Quad training programme with TR Master Drive Services?

  • This course for drivers of quad vehicles is designed to offer high-level instruction in the driving of these vehicles in off-road situations.
  • You will be professionally trained by qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Train at one of our nationwide facilities or your own venue.

TR Master Drive Services can develop courses to meet specific needs.



Course Aim

To ensure that drivers understand and can demonstrate basic knowledge and practical application relating to:

  • The characteristics and operations of a quad vehicle.
  • The operation of a quad vehicle with due regard to the safety of the:
    1. Driver and passengers.
    2. Vehicle.
    3. Environment.

Course Duration

Quad courses are normally one-day courses which include theory and practical sessions.

Course Structure

  • Quad courses are normally one-day courses which include theory and practical sessions. Courses can be unit standard or non unit standard based. If unit standard based, then units would be selected in consultation with the client.
  • In addition to these options, TR Master Drive Services Ltd can develop courses to meet specific needs of clients.


Riders should be equipped with basic protective gear:

  • Helmets, gloves, sturdy footwear and long trousers (jeans are acceptable) with long sleeved shirts as a minimum for upper body wear.

Course Numbers

Maximum numbers for one instructor is six riders - with at least one Quad per two people being supplied by the client.

Course Details

Begins with a brief theory lesson covering the basic principles of operating a Quad.

Practical work includes:
  • Preparing a Quad for use.
  • Riding on flat ground and low friction surfaces.
  • Negotiating uneven terrain.
  • Recovery from a stall while climbing.
  • Side sloping.
  • Water crossings (depending on the venue).
  • Towing trailers and Quad mounted equipment; sprayers etc.

Course Details and Fees

  • As courses are customised to client needs please contact us for more information.

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