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Load Restraint - Load & Unload a Goods Service Vehicle

Why do a Load Restraint course with TR Master Drive Services?

  • A practical and theory-based course designed to provide drivers, operators or handlers the skills and knowledge to safely and legally deal with loads on goods service vehicles.

  • You will be professionally trained by qualified and experienced instructors.

  • Train at one of our nationwide facilities or your own venue.



Course Aim

To ensure that drivers, operators or loaders understand and can demonstrate knowledge and practical application relating to:

  • The legal requirements of loading vehicles.
  • Planning the loading of a goods service vehicle.
  • Loading a vehicle.
  • Restraining, securing and protecting a load.
  • Unloading a vehicle.

Course Structure & Duration

4 – 5 hours made up of approximately 1-hour theory followed by practical exercises and assessment. 

Courses can be structured to meet company specific needs.

Equipment Requirements – Preferably clients supply:

  • A vehicle – this must be a heavy motor vehicle.
  • Load.
  • Load restraint equipment / devices.
  • A safe, practical training area.
  • Training room (If the theory sessions are conducted on your site).
  • TR Master Drive Services can supply the equipment at extra cost.

What unit standards are covered:

  • Unit Standard 1753 - Load and Unload a General Freight Vehicle – Level 3 – 4 credits.

Course Numbers

Maximum numbers for one instructor are normally six trainees.

Course Details and Fees

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