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Heavy Vehicle In-House Trainer Programme


Why do a Heavy Vehicle In-House Trainer Programme with TR Master Drive Services?

  • This course is designed to produce specialist heavy vehicle driver trainers who are capable of training and assessing company drivers in-house.
  • You will be professionally trained by qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Train at one of our nationwide facilities or your own venue.



Course Aim

  • To produce specialist in-house heavy vehicle driver trainers who are capable of training and assessing in a company environment.
  • To develop selected staff to a level of competency which will enable them to:
    • Perform pre-employment driver evaluations.
    • Induct new staff.
    • Identify the training needs of new driving staff.
    • Conduct driver training to improve driver competency.
    • Evaluate driver performance through regular assessment.
    • Perform post incident driver evaluations.
    • Act as a mentor to other drivers.

Course Duration

  • One day class room based assessment techniques, plus
  • 1/2 day per person practical in cab driving techniques.

Course Content

  • Road transport knowledge test.
  • Assessment process; what is being assessed? How do you assess? Assessment tools.
  • Assessment evidence. 
  • Road transport legislation including work time rule, operational requirements, vehicle specs, load restraint, chain of responsibility.
  • Driving techniques, engine and gear box management and vehicle control.
  • The role of an in-house trainer.
  • Assessment and report writing, record keeping.
  • Practical report writing exercises.
  • Practical driving assessments (1/2 day per person).

Course Fee

  • Course Fee on application - Group rates are available.
  • Vehicle hire and travel - if required - is additional.

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